The MOBILISE! Survey

The MOBILISE! Survey is an online questionnaire aimed at giving us a picture of the current situation in Montreal when you try to make use of prevention services such as testing and PrEP or to other sexual health services. MOBILISE! brings together a diversity of men who are gay, bisexual, queer, straight, cis and trans, HIV-positive and HIV-negative. The results of the survey will be used to make improvements to the services we use.

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10 Things I Learned From the Older Generation of Gay Men

“Since I’ve started dating men and becoming more involved in the queer community in Boston, I’ve met more older gay men. And when I say older, I mean at least double my age. I’ve started hanging out with them more and becoming close friends with them. In the time I’ve spent with them, I learned a lot about myself and a lot about the LGBT community. Here a 10 things I’ve learned from the older generation of gay men.”


We Know All We Need To Know To End The HIV Epidemic. Here’s Why It Continues.

“HIV is more treatable and more preventable than ever before, but public perception of the virus is not keeping up. In fact, some advocates argue that because people living with HIV are less visible — because they’re leading healthy, functional lives like everybody else — stigma against people living with HIV is actually as problematic as ever.” -Zack Ford


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Here’s Everything You Wanted To Know About Being A Bottom

“For anyone who has never bottomed (aka been anally penetrated) before, the idea of trying out the sex act can be intimidating, to say the least. And even for those who’ve spent some time in the saddle, there’s still a lot to know, a lot to remember and a lot of misleading information out there. ”


AIDS Committee of Toronto refocuses on gay men’s health

“The AIDS Committee of Toronto is pledging to place greater emphasis on gay men’s health issues in the next five years.

ACT, which released its new strategic plan last week, is hoping to position itself as a hub for gay men’s health in a city that currently currently lacks one.” – Arshy Mann, Daily Xtra